2010 Cases & Presentations

  • A Study in the Value of Information and Planning  Idaho Ranch & Farm
  • Redefining the Roles of Governing Industry and Producers in a Changing Environment – Bettencourt Dairies, LLC
  • Uncertainties and Management Challenges Facing Water Users in the West – Water Policy and Economics
  • Carbon Policies and Regulations: A Challenge for Agricultural Managers – an Issue Paper
  • Navigating through Food Safety Challenges – Maple Leaf Farms
  • The Ripe Stuff: Schnucks’ Produce Challenge
  • The Grapes of Wrath: Mitigating the Negative Effects of Wine Tourism in Walla Walla WA
  • Ag Cycles: History Is Cyclical But Your Plans Are Linear – What is the Disconnect?


Mr. John Silvia, Chief Economist, Wells Fargo Bank spoke about international and U.S. economic conditions and shared his assessment of their impact on U.S. agricultural businesses.

Ms. Jolene Browne, a widely acclaimed leader in both the U.S. and Canada for her knowledge of inter-generational transfer of managerial responsibilities and farm assets, shared her experience and expertise on these critical topics.